David-Isaac Arinze

David-Isaac Arinze co-founded and leads David-Isaac Innovations, The REbuild Community, and GreySwitch. He has authored several books, including The Believer’s Anointing and FeatherLight. As the co-founder and CEO of David-Isaac Innovations, David-Isaac leads the company’s management and operational systems. His desire to develop systems that make life easier and more exciting birthed the DI Innovations company.

David-Isaac is a graduate of Architecture from Covenant University, Ota. He has an excellent flair for experiential design and architectural innovations. Of his architectural pursuit, he says,

I am on a mission to provide low-cost and affordable housing to those who are shut out of the housing party due to their income size. My goal is to transform communities into sustainably livable cities. Cities that are built around human and environmental needs. I am poised towards this charge – to create a world where comfortable accommodation is no longer a luxury, but a part of the average human experience.

In the world of architecture, there is a principle of “Form follows Function”, coined by Louis H. Sullivan. However, in my experience within the architectural space, I have found more self-expression in redefining that principle into, “Form follows Fiction, and Fun follows Function”. This approach graces the idea that the core of my approach to architecture is the human experience. I would consider myself an Experiential Designer.

David-Isaac Arinze

Beyond architecture, he enjoys building brands, creating thought literature, and transferring knowledge through speeches and conversations. He also has a great entrepreneurial spirit. Presently, he serves as a co-founder of a prop-tech innovations company. As well as the Initiator of a Social and Human capital Development Organization. He has led and been a part of project teams that have handled entire building projects, interior design projects, and brand activations.

David-Isaac Arinze (2020)
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